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T-shirt attempt #2. Was ready for the problems this time but eurgh, so many latters. Need to avoid Ss on future t-shirts. Also, eurgh, did the text too high up on the front.

Phonogram themed.



Have finally bypassed 2000pp on USFIV!

Thank you Elena, you wonderful, beautiful girl!

Looks like she and lots of other people have to be friends now.

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Francisca down there with those foolish fools.

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Another drawing of Simon Gotch and Aidan English, The Vaudevillains….my favorite NXT tag-team wrestlers!

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Belmont Saga t-shirt. Hell to Pay is real.

Attempt 1 at custom t-shirt design.


New Secret Six series announced (woo!) so I doodled Catman. Not pictured; all of his abs.


Darren is also failing his exams, but he’s trying to sort his priorities.

Photo Set


My ten favourite summer vacation alternates:

10: Decapre (colour 14, right side)
Commencing swimsuit protocols, swimsuit protocols commencing.

9: Gen (colour 13, left side)
You get bonus points for picking him on the Vietnam stage where his brother lives.

8: T-Hawk (colour 14, right side)
Poor T-Hawk, he couldn’t find any pants for his cowboy outfit. Bonus points for picking this alt against Ken’s cowboy outfit on the Pit-Stop 109 stage with the non-character themes on.

7: Sagat (colour 6, right side)
He’s either a mobster or a detective. Either way a TV show featuring Sagat in this alt would be something I’d want to watch.

6: Dudley (colour 2, right side)
So classy, so casual. The giant watch brings it all together.

5: Abel (colour 9, left side)
He looks like a Gen 6 pokemon trainer. He’s going to be hunting for Growlithes, Poochyenas and Lillipups in chique style.

4: Gouken (colour 19, left side)
Apparently Gouken spends his holidays in Atlantis. This is so freaking cool.

3: Elena (colour 14, right side)
Engage in a dance with this chica at your peril. She’ll do the tango all over your face. And she’ll be smiling when she does it too.

2: Makoto (colour 15, left side)
Team Magma youth Makoto would like to battle. Either that or she’s from Jet Set Radioooo~!

1: Ibuki (colour 17, left side)

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